The following Product Service Codes (PSCs) are commonly associated with NAICS 311824, Dry Pasta, Dough, and Flour Mixes Manufacturing from Purchased Flour

PSC 8920 Bakery and Cereal Products

Top Result Products
Federal Category 15.1: Clothing, Textiles & Subsistence S&E Subsistence

PSC 8950 Condiments and Related Products


PSC 8940 Special Dietary Foods and Food Specialty Preparations

Federal Category 15.1: Clothing, Textiles & Subsistence S&E Subsistence

PSC 4130 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Components

Federal Category 4.3: Facilities & Construction Facility Related Materials

Heat Exchanger Equipment; Refrigerant Strainers; Refrigeration Compressors; Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Servicing Equipment, such as Charging and Testing Manifolds, Lines and Units; Operating Components of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment, Plants, and Systems classified in classes 4110 and 4120.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Plants (see classes 4110 and 4120): Collections of Refrigeration Components "packaged" as a unit including a refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, etc., specifically designed and tailored for applications such as walk-in type refrigerators. Individual components of the "packaged" unit will be classified in class 4130, or as otherwise specifically prescribed by the indexes and structure of the FSC. The complete "package" unit will be classified in class 4110.

Possible NAICS Codes
333415 – Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
333618 – Other Engine Equipment Manufacturing
332112 – Nonferrous Forging
333120 – Construction Machinery Manufacturing
333998 – All Other Miscellaneous General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing
221330 – Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply
333413 – Industrial and Commercial Fan and Blower and Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing
336211 – Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing
238220 – Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
332994 – Small Arms, Ordnance, and Ordnance Accessories Manufacturing