PSC 1190 Specialized Test and Handling Equipment, Nuclear Ordnance

Federal Category 12.5: Weapons & Ammunition Nuclear Ordnance

Specially designed trucks and trailers for nuclear ordnance; Specially designed slings and hoists; Operational, test, and setting devices, and cradles; Conditioning Kits and Sets, Controlled Environment.

Hand tools; Instruments for use on both nuclear ordnance and other equipment; Basic types of electrical and electronic test instruments, including those specially designed, such as ammeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, multimeters, and similar instruments, as shown in the indexes in the FSC.

Possible NAICS Codes
336419 – Other Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
541380 – Testing Laboratories
334519 – Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing
334516 – Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
334515 – Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
334513 – Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables
332994 – Small Arms, Ordnance, and Ordnance Accessories Manufacturing
311119 – Other Animal Food Manufacturing
339999 – All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing
334290 – Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing