PSC 2420 Tractors, Wheeled

Federal Category 7.6: Transportation and Logistics Services Transportation Equipment

Agricultural Tractors; High Speed Tractors; Industrial Tractors.

Aircraft Towing Tractors and Crashed Aircraft Moving Tractors (FSC Class 1740); Aircraft Towing-Power Servicing Tractors (FSC Class 1730); Warehouse Tractors (FSC Class 3930).

This class includes only complete wheeled tractors, and chassis therefor. Any end items, assemblies, parts, attachments, or accessories, other than complete chassis, for use in or on wheeled tractors, are classified in classes other than this class.

Possible NAICS Codes
333111 – Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
333112 – Lawn and Garden Tractor and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment Manufacturing
333120 – Construction Machinery Manufacturing
333924 – Industrial Truck, Tractor, Trailer, and Stacker Machinery Manufacturing
336110 – Automobile and Light Duty Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
333922 – Conveyor and Conveying Equipment Manufacturing
444230 – Outdoor Power Equipment Retailers
336999 – All Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing