PSC 2541 Weapons Systems Specific Vehicular Accessories

Federal Category 14.2: Sustainment S&E Engines, Components & Spt Eq

Accessory Kits and Boxes, Parts Kits, and individual components used in the repair and/or modification of Weapons System type Vehicles such as Tanks, Personnel Carriers, Mobile Howitzers, and the like.

Items used in the repair and/or modifications of Commercial Type Vehicles (FSC 2540), vehicular type light fixtures (FSC 6220), and electronic switches, parts kits, and modification kits (FSG 59).

Possible NAICS Codes
336992 – Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing
336390 – Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
332999 – All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
332994 – Small Arms, Ordnance, and Ordnance Accessories Manufacturing
336211 – Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing
327215 – Glass Product Manufacturing Made of Purchased Glass
333999 – All Other Miscellaneous General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing
336112 – Light Truck and Utility Vehicle Manufacturing
339999 – All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing
337215 – Showcase, Partition, Shelving, and Locker Manufacturing