PSC 6675 Drafting, Surveying, and Mapping Instruments

Federal Category 5.4: Industrial Products & Services Test & Measurement Supplies

Drawing Instruments, Drafting Tools; Engineering and Architectural Scales; Levels; Transits; Photogrammetric Instruments; Astrolabes; Level Rods; Plane Tables; Surveying Altimeters; Theodolites.

Surveyors' Tapes.

Possible NAICS Codes
334516 – Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
334511 – Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing
334519 – Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing
423490 – Other Professional Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
334515 – Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
541370 – Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
334513 – Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables
334220 – Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing
541360 – Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services