PSC 2835 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines; Non-Aircraft Prime Mover, Aircraft Non-Prime Mover, and Components

Federal Category 14.2: Sustainment S&E Engines, Components & Spt Eq

Gas Turbines and Jet Engines, Non-Aircraft; and Components

Airflow Deflectors; Turbine Cases; Turbine Housings; Compressor and Turbine Rotors; Compressor and Turbine Rotor Blades; Combustion Chamber; Accessory Gear Box; Turbine Disks and Hubs; Turbine Vanes.

Engine Fuel System Components (FSC 2910); Engine electrical System Components (FSC 2920); Engine Cooling System Components (FSC 2930); Engine Air/Oil Cleaners/Filters/Strainers (FSC 2940); Engine Accessories (Air Duct Heaters, Engine Mounted Control Assemblies) (FSC 2990).

Engines and Components classified in this FSC are primarily for use on non-aircraft equipment but can also be used on aircraft ground support equipment.

Possible NAICS Codes
333611 – Turbine and Turbine Generator Set Units Manufacturing
336413 – Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
334519 – Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing
332510 – Hardware Manufacturing
336411 – Aircraft Manufacturing
333613 – Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
332991 – Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturing
336412 – Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing
332722 – Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing
333998 – All Other Miscellaneous General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing